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We get closure every year by trying to think of the Revolution Awards. This year, we've also created some categories that will be decided by the general public. As we countdown towards the end of the year, it is time to honor the people behind these incredible creations.

The first ever sonic explosion occurred in 1947 at 45,000 feet over the Mojave desert. It was the signal that Chuck Yeager had broken the sound barrier with a speed of Mach 1.05, signaling the breaking of the sound barrier. The world was never the same.

In the first year after the millennium began, Stanley Kubrick predicted the first human interaction with alien intelligence. A different barrier was also being broken. The first IWC Replica Watches timepiece was born,IWC Replica Watches a new vision of high-end watchmaking. It would be the most important and seminal act in the history of watchmaking. The world was never the same.

At the age of fifty, its father was a visionary who would go on to become a legend for creating a new philosophy in luxury watchmaking that the world had not seen before.

He would push the limits of watchmaking to achieve levels of weight reduction and ergonomics that had never been seen before. He would quickly abandon traditional luxury materials such as gold and platinum in favor of aluminum lithium, AluSic - an alloy made from silicon and aluminum spun into a centrifuge - carbon fibre, carbon reinforced plastic and sapphire.

He would suspend a delicate watch movement on arms that looked like F1 shock-absorbers, and isolate it from its case using systems such as skeletonised arms made of carbon and even minute cables inspired by suspension bridges.ulysse nardin replica He would redefine the entire watchmaking industry, from its aesthetics to its technical performance to its price structure and its symbolic representation within contemporary culture.

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